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Comet Web Agency

Comet Web Agency is a full-service web marketing company servicing Edmonton, Alberta and San Diego, California and surrounding areas. With extensive experience in web design and SEO, we are your one stop for your entire Internet marketing needs.

We provide services for every step of your online campaign, from website design and hosting, through to SEO and pay-per-click management. We can provide what you need for any portion of your goals, or can provide you a comprehensive package that involves all aspects of your online needs or we can break it down to the specifics you require.

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For Your Website Needs

It all begins with your website. There are many variables that can affect your online presence in a negative or positive manner.


We provide reliable hosting with cPanel access so that site downtime is not a factor. The best hosting is the one you don’t have to think about.


We design WordPress websites that are stylish, effective, and easy to maintain. Keeping up with the latest in website styles, we give your business the presence that visitors will trust immediately and will draw their eye in a positive way.

WordPress Website Maintenance

Your business is fluid and your website should be as well. We provide maintenance packages so that as changes are needed we will adjust your site accordingly in a timely manner.


WordPress plugins and themes need to be upgraded on a regular basis. We will ensure these are completed when needed.


Hackers will attempt to hijack your website if they can find a way in. If your site is not protected, it is possible they will gain access to it and either damage the site or use it in a way that will negatively affect your business. We protect you from these attacks.

Performance Enhancements

A slow site will annoy visitors and will be negatively viewed by Google, which can affect your presence on search engine result pages. We find ways to speed up your website as needed.


Having daily, weekly, or monthly backups of your site can prevent lengthy downtime if the absolute worst should happen if your data is lost. Our backups are pushed to an offsite, secure server so that we can retrieve the latest backup and have your site running smoothly again.

For Your Internet Marketing Needs

If you have the best website ever created, it doesn’t help much if no one can find it. We can work with you to increase traffic to your site, and therefore increase leads as well.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Combining on-site and off-site Internet Marketing efforts, we raise your rankings position to provide your website with more search engine visibility and increase traffic. Further, we stay current with the latest Google algorithm updates to ensure that your site is complying with Google’s requirements.

PPC (Pay Per Click or Adwords) Management

Many companies can waste thousands of dollars on Google Adwords or Bing Ads due to mismanaged campaigns. We are experts at focusing your efforts on what will increase returns and cost you less.


We track how your website is doing both through Google Analytics and through rankings reports. We use Analytics to see what is working best to draw traffic to your site and make changes accordingly.

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Our Focus is You

We focus on your seo needs

Our greatest success is based on your company succeeding. When you have a website that you can be proud of and brings you increased business, we have done our job and feel our greatest sense of pride. Get our company working for you today, partnering with you to reach your goals.