How To Use Keywords In The Most Important Ways

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, we all know that the usage of keyword meta tags on websites has long been disregarded.  You can no longer use the keyword meta tag to stuff every keyword you could possibly think of for a website and then have it rank for those keywords.

But there is much more to keywords than what you do with it on your website.  For sure, keyword in your page title or description are as important (or even more important now) than ever, but have you thought about how to optimize your social media accounts for keywords?  Directory listings?  How about email subject lines?

As Kristi Hines from The Moz states,

How do you use keywords? If you’re only using them to optimize your website for search, then you’re missing out on many ways to get visibility amongst your target audience.

I will wager a bet that your keyword marketing strategy is lacking, and it’s imperative that you begin to learn about the other ways you can implement them.

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