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Comet Web Agency was built to make our client’s website easily found by your targeted audience. We optimize your site for the largest search engines, including Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and can increase the traffic your site receives.

Return on Investment

More traffic equals more customer conversions, which equals more revenue for your business. We are highly trained in every aspect of website design, and what drives consumers to different sites. We can help with all components of a quality, traffic-generating website, and can get your site performing at its optimum level in a short period of time, with our highly competitive prices, and fast-as-lightning results targeted to your specific audience.

Direct & Personal Communication

You are not just another client website to our team of WordPress website designers and managers, Search Engine Optimization professionals, and “mobile-friendly” experts. You will be answered personally by one of our friendly team members through your preferred method of communication – email or phone. No question is a dumb question when you talk to us. We are happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

Monthly Reports Emailed to You

It’s no “one time” job – we send monthly reports checking in on your site. We don’t stop after we’ve initially optimized your website, we continually check on your site’s rankings, and can determine if we need to switch-up our tactics in order to stay as up-to-date as possible. Search engines are constantly evolving, and so does the optimization for your site– what may have worked great yesterday, may be falling behind today.

Always Staying Modern

We strive to stay as modern as possible, therefore ensuring you do too. We are apart of a massive network of experts in every field of the online industry, including designers, marketers, and the top Denver SEO gurus. We stay as modern as we possibly can with an industry that is ever-evolving, so that your online business stays up-to-date as well. We take pride in educating and surrounding ourselves with top professionals in every online sector.

What Our Search Engine Optimization Experts in Denver Offer

This industry is our passion, and we can promise you’ll easily be able to see that.

Whether you require a WordPress website design, your WordPress website managed and maintained, or Search Engine Optimization, our expert team members at Comet Web Agency can address any and all of your concerns.

We can also provide advice and recommendations, such as, determining which market would work best for you as a paid advertiser. Whether you’re stuck in a rut because of a product on your site not returning the results you hoped for, or you just aren’t seeing enough click-through traffic, we are here to help.

Our expert team members will create your customized game plan based on your specific concerns and audience, and will return to you with well-researched and organized marketing action plans to earn you the kind of results you’ve been dreaming about.

Our Goal Is Not Merely Ranking No. 1 on Google, It’s Covering the Entire 1st Page

We won’t work hard to only rank you at number 1 on Google’s first page of results, our grand prize is making sure you are the only search results on that all-important first page. Although taking the first spot on Google’s first page is incredibly important for traffic-generating purposes, we don’t want to give your customers the option of choosing another business in your niche. You will be the only option to your clients after we have done the optimizing for you.

Our Work is Straight From The Hands of Our Experts

We know that when you select a company, you expect that company to do the work, not someone in another country. We do not send any of our client’s work to any outside organization, we only trust the internet marketing professionals of our in-house team. We know we can hit the goals you bring to us, and aren’t willing to take the chance an outside source can’t produce our level of expertise.

You Only Pay If We Deliver Results

We charge our customers on a month-to-month basis, therefore, if you don’t see the results we promised one month, you will not pay. We strive to be the best web agency we can be, and in order to achieve that status, there can only be rewards if we deliver our very best.

We Utilize the Power of Social Media

In today’s world, we understand that social media is possibly the largest bridge between consumer and website owner. We will fully take advantage of the power of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and will also use other marketing strategies such as email and web advertising. There are many ways to naturally drive traffic to your site, and with our tactics, you will quickly start to see your targeted customers following the lead.
Whether you’re just starting a brand new online business, or a site that’s been up and running for years, it is never too early or too late to start thinking about modernizing your SEO and social marketing tactics. If you want to stay as up-to-date as possible, and bring in the kind of traffic your business needs to thrive, give us a call today at 780-628-7535

Custom Designed SEO Services To Fit Your Denver Businesses Needs

you’ll only pay for what you use

It has been said that choosing a Search Engine Optimization agency is the most important service you can invest in for your online business. Proper marketing can promote your business by driving traffic to your site, and making it easy for your customers to find you on the web.

Comet Web Agency can properly optimize your website for search engines like Google, and as a result can significantly drive your business to the top ranking– both in the eye’s of Google and your customers. Another result of properly optimized, highly-ranked websites, is the authority status you naturally achieve. To the ordinary customer browsing online, your site “must be” the best service/product out there, if it’s at number 1.

Not convinced? Read below for more benefits of doing a campaign:

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    1. Elevate The Brand or Service Awareness in Consumers.

This is the #1 reason why service with us is the most important component of your internet marketing strategy. In order for people to buy the product or service you’re promoting, people need to be aware that you’re even out there in the wide, web world. Although, it goes beyond just being seen, you also want to beat out your competition if you want increased sales. People tend to click on the link they first see in the search results, therefore, in order for people to choose your brand or service, you need to be the first seen.

    1. Beat Out Competition By Ranking No. 1.

As mentioned above, SEO may start with simply acknowledging your online existence, but quickly moves beyond merely being seen, and placing number 1. Even if you’re promoting a product that is exactly the same as another company, in order to make money, people need to choose you to buy from, not the other guy. Your two products may share the same high quality, but where you rank in the search engines will be the one differing factor.

The results: your product is being bought, and the other one that ranks at number 2, is not.

    1. Big Results, Small Investment.

Search Engine Optimization may be the most affordable service a business can invest in. Simply by ranking at number 1 on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, your customers will automatically assume you’re the best, and that they should be buying from you. If you are searching for help with improving sales, then you’re obviously not making the kind of revenue you either want or need to survive. SEO is the perfect marketing strategy for your business, with its powerful results and low investment.

    1. Authority Equals Trust to Your Customers.

When you rank number 1 on the results page, you also rank number 1 in the eyes of your customers. People assume that the search results have chosen you as the best product or service they were specifically looking for, and will automatically associate “authority status” with your site. People want to spend their hard-earned money on the best, most reliable product or service they can find, therefore, they will spend their money on the top-ranked business.

    1. Proper SEO Yields Results That Last.

By building the authority status and trust in your customers, you will start to naturally generate more and more traffic to your website. If your customers purchased from you before because they believed they would receive quality products from an authority site, they will buy from you again and will recommend you to their family and friends. Initiatives and tactics you perform from the start to rank your site at number 1, build that authority status, generate traffic, and make sales, will keep working for you by themselves.
Give us a call today at 780-628-7535, and let us begin your campaign to jumpstart your online business to success!

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What Makes Us Different From Other Denver SEO Companies

My name is James Blackburn, and I am a managing partner at Comet Web Agency.

We are different than the other internet marketing companies. We have been able to rank thousands of keywords, both local and highly competitive terms, into Google’s number 1 spot.

We will take your targeted keywords, and rank you above all the rest. You will crush the competition in your specific business niche, and will see your success sky rocket. Our small team of internet marketing experts will conduct all of the research and game-planning ourselves, saving you money by not having to charge fees for over-head charges. You will get the very best service at a much lower cost than compared to the larger, corporate internet marketing companies.

Send Your Website to the Doctor.

Do yourself and your business a huge favor, and hire Comet Web Agency for all of your internet marketing and optimizing needs. After all, if you fall ill, you immediately seek out a healthcare specialist to help you get better. Therefore, if your website is falling short of optimal health, why wouldn’t you contact an internet specialist? We are the doctors of the internet marketing world–you can be rest assured that we will not only bring your website back to life, but will make it flourish. We understand every component that goes into the well-being of your website.

Social Media, SEO, and Higher Quality Content

We can create Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest campaigns, so that you don’t have to spend any of your precious time creating and building posts, or researching how social media works whatsoever.

Both social media and SEM are evolving all the time, and what may have worked last year or even last month, may not be the most up-to-date. Our team will stay on top of the ever-changing industry at all times.

One of the biggest changes made to the world of online marketing is the higher standard of the top search engines. Unlike before, you can’t just put up anything with a back link, you need high-quality content with links to high authority sites. Many other internet marketing companies are still using the old method, building low quality links on low quality content. They are no longer being recognized by Google, Yahoo, or Bing and will not be seen by their audience.

We have built an empire of our own highly-ranked authority sites, and have total control over what links are backed to us. We only choose the highest quality of links for our sites, in order to generate great results. Instead of paying top dollar to advertise on Google, you can obtain the same high level results at a significantly lower price by choosing to hire us.

Advertising isn’t so simple anymore. Just how people used to look to their newspaper for local businesses, the majority of consumers today look online. Don’t miss out on reaching to your audience, hire the Experts at Comet Web Agency to put you right in front of your customers.

The main point: If your business doesn’t rank on the first page of the top search engines, you are missing out on thousands of dollars in revenue.

Other facts suggest that almost 95% of local searches will become a sale, and that almost half of searches on top search engine sites include a specific place. A few ways to gain traffic to your site from local searches is to target certain keywords carefully placed into high quality content to connect consumers with the information they’re searching for.

Give Comet Web Agency a call today by dialling 587-410-6860, and see what sets us apart from our competition, and how we can set you apart and above your competition. We will design, organize, and execute an internet marketing plan that will get you the results you need for your business to thrive.

Our Client Criteria

Since we strive to give each one of our client’s our undivided attention, and to create a marketing and optimization plan that is completely customized to your website and audience, we can only accept a certain number of clients at any given time. In order to decide which clients to accept, we have created a list of qualifying criteria in order to best serve ourselves and our customers:

Criteria #1: You Must Already Own An Established and Active Website.

We provide our expertise to online businesses that have already gotten themselves up and running, and have the basics already established. For example, we do not help with product creation or design, therefore you must already have your business outline and online presence available to your customers. We are here to help you get to where you want to be, much faster. We do not extend our services to “get rich quick” schemes, or sites centered around the adult industry.

Criteria #2: You Should Already Have Introduced Your Services To The Market.

Meaning, you should already have your final product established, and be actively promoting and selling it online. No, you do not have to be a huge name-brand just yet, but you should be able to be found in your market.

Criteria #3: You Must Have Chosen A Quality Product That Converts Well.

Your product of choice should be high quality that shows well to the public, complete with positive reviews and high conversion rates. You must already have some success selling your product online, since every service we offer to you isn’t all about selling your product, but looking at the big picture, and improving your overall reputation.