Details Of Penguin Recovery Process For SEO

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Being a search engine optimization specialist nowadays is harder than ever. The reason behind this is that Google has introduced some tough updates on its algorithms, which can adversely affect the traffic that website owners receive. Google has implemented these updates to help its users; occasionally these updates fail to provide the intended results. As a result, quality sites end up suffering for no cause.

With regards to the problems caused by different types of Google Penguin updates, website owners can use specific techniques, which helps them recover from the Penguin penalty, and improve their website’s status within this search engine. If you need to recover your website from Penguin updates, go through this article, which provides you with valuable tips about the recovery process. Employing these tips enhances the chances of your site recovering from a Penguin penalty.

Over optimization and minimizing damages

The advantage of on-page SEO is that it enables you to manipulate individual factors on your website to achieve high rankings. Unfortunately, the downside is that some webmasters and business owners tend to over optimize certain elements that eventually hurt the search engine rankings of their website, mainly when it concerns the Penguin updates. Webmasters and numerous business owners look upon on page optimization as a priority. Apart from this, it is easy to tweak individual web page variables than attempting to create and implement a comprehensive backlinking campaign.

However, on page optimization has its pitfalls as well. The disadvantage is that search engines, notably Google, will find it much easier to find web pages and websites that are over-optimized. There is not a specific cut off point regarding web page optimization. As we do not know what Google is searching for in its algorithms, we have to test and tweak things to recover from Penguin fully. However, we have been able to successfully improve websites trapped by the Penguin algorithm, and we want to show you certain things that can help you recover from Penguin penalty.

Over optimizing title tags of your web page

Most webmasters tend to mess up in this area when it comes to over optimization. It is vital for you to realize that search engine spiders can easily decipher and catch this kind of over optimization. Therefore, it is critical that you use keywords as a branding opportunity, and avoid using them or reducing them in the title tags of your website.

Over optimizing header tags

Over optimizing header tags by using excessive keywords is very directly, and is similar to over-optimizing title tags. As the search engine spider can easily scrutinize the header tags, it can detect the over optimization methods quickly. Provide informative and useful keywords that engage your audience instead of stuffing your header tags full of repetitive keywords.

Over optimizing internal linking

Using internal linking correctly is one of the best ways of ensuring that your website’s content is indexed correctly. However, you need to address the potential for optimizing problem throughout the Penguin recovery process. Adding an excessive amount of anchor text optimization alerts the algorithm of Google. This can lead to the imposition of a Penguin penalty on your website, affecting it adversely.

Cleaning bad links and new backlinking practices

The next step in the Penguin recovery process is implementing new backlinking strategies as well as cleaning up the bad links.

Have you recently received a notification in your Google webmaster tools?

This notification is to inform owners of websites about unnatural backlinking. Chances are that you are using that method now, or might have implemented it when you first created your site. Irrespective of when you applied this method, it is high time that you removed those unnatural links to prevent Google from penalizing your website.

Here are some helpful tips

Review the diversity of your domain linking

It is a grave mistake to have too many links originating from just a couple of domains when it comes to off page optimization of your website. You can rest assured that Google will penalize your website for that. The Penguin algorithm of Google is going to come down hard on your site if its backlinking profile contains mainly sitewide links. If you do not have control over those links, contact the owners of the website and seek their help to get those links removed. Have completed this task successfully, plays a massive role in the Penguin recovery procedure.

Review the authority distribution of your website

Look at the website authority distribution carefully, when examining backlinks pointing to your site. A natural profile, on the whole, will have the majority of its linking coming from low authority pages. If your inbound links are originating from high authority pages, you will have to dilute it by including lots of low authority backlinks to make your profile look natural.

Using the information mentioned above will assist you with your website’s Penguin recovery process.

If you think your site has been hit by a Penguin penalty, give us a call. Our Edmonton SEO experts at Comet Web Agency can determine if you have been penalized and determine if you can get your site out of a Penguin penalty. You can find us on Facebook at

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Can Local SEO Help Boost Your Edmonton Business?


seo tools for small business

The traditional way of marketing is diminishing with the advent of technology. Apart from large firms, this realty applies to small businesses as well. Nowadays, many small companies to reach out to their target customers as well as to promote their products are engaging in local SEO.

What is local SEO?

It is a method of using the internet, particularly search engines such as Google, to promote a specific product or brand, more overreaching out to your intended customers. Any individual who is on the lookout for your business will be able to locate you quickly in the same manner.

Local SEO is an effective method of marketing, as it eliminates the harsh nightmare of putting ads in local magazines and newspapers or using leaflets. The growth of the internet has been drastic during the recent decade. The number has already expanded from a measly 384 million users in 2000 to approximately three billion.

These figures prove that individuals nowadays depend more on the internet to collect information about any point of interest as well as about current events.

These changes are wake up calls for business owners about the decrease in the traditional methods of marketing. SEO is the in thing today and will remain so until the demise of the internet. In fact, SEO is expected to grow rapidly in the future.

Where to conduct local SEO?

Search engine optimization not only works on search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. You now have the option to boost your local business by targeting online business directories to reach out to your customers. Virtually anyone can access these lists. You can insert information such as your business name, address, contact number, and much more.

Here is a list of the online directories that your business should be found on:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Yelp
  • Merchant Circle
  • Angie’s List
  • Whitepages
  • Linkedin
  • Yellowbook
  • Superpages
  • MapQuest
  • City Search
  • Foursquare
  • Local

These directories apart, creating influence on social media platforms should also be a part of your local SEO strategy. Getting in touch with your clients on a personal level provides you with a simple method to help publicize your business.

Social media are extremely useful tools in such a scenario. Almost all of us have accounts on the numerous social media networks. The number of footfalls on such networks is mind-boggling. Facebook leads the pack with over 1.5 billion active users. Instagram and Tumblr have 400 million and 555 million respectively. You can rest assured that people will certainly know about your business and avail of it if you have a creative way of conducting local SEO with the help of these social media networks.

Why should businesses opt for local search engine optimization?

There are many reasons why local SEO is vital for businesses, irrespective of the fact that your business is an established one or if you are starting a new business. The point is that you use SEO to preserve and promote your business.

1. Online directories have high conversion rates

Based on statistics, you can convert more customers by using local online directories than the traditional method of advertising. Certain directories can even assure of up to 50% customer conversion. This means that it can help you convert five out of ten people to your actual customers.

2. People are going mobile

Not all people use the desktop to browse the internet, as it is not as convenient as portable devices that allow them to browse while on the move. Lost of people nowadays depend on smartphones to access the internet and this number is increasing rapidly. Downloading applications to find local businesses is the current trend. Fortunately, local search engine optimization, apart from traditional desktops, covers mobile users too, allowing businesses to get potential customers conveniently.

3. Local SEO wastes no money

You need to invest money in doing local SEO. However, unlike the traditional way of marketing, SEO allows you to reach your customers directly. In fact, a local SEO campaign provides more results than advertising in local newspapers.

4. Only a few business employ SEO

Most businesses owners discuss SEO. It is a different story that they do not know how it works. The fact that only 10% of them have claimed their listings in Google my Business fortifies this fact. SEO is an art that, apart from ranking your business in search engines, allows you to engage with individuals in such a manner so that they become your customers.

5. Newspaper reading is down

Certain figures indicate that local newspapers have lost 80% of their clients in the past 20 years because of availability of information on the net. Boost your online business with the help of local SEO.

At Comet Web Agency, we help local businesses get found online. If you are looking for local SEO in Edmonton, talk to us today for a free, no obligation, consultation.