Wordpress Website Maintenance

Our years of experience dealing with WordPress, both in website design and in maintenance, make us your easy choice to work with you to maintain your WordPress website. We’ll focus on keeping your site running through daily backups, security monitoring, automated updates, and much more. Plus, whenever you need small changes done to your site, we’ll get it done usually that same day. You get the peace of mind of having experts watching over the most important marketing aspect of your business.

What you get with this service:

When you purchase this package, you become part of our family.

Comet Web Agency will make sure your website stays looking polished and works correctly without any hiccups.

Daily Backups

You can’t afford to have your site disappear if your host’s server loses your information, and we can tell you first hand that this does happen from time to time. Your complete website will be backed up every day to an off-site location to ensure that it can be restored at any time.


Your computer is not the only target you may have for potential hackers – There is also an ongoing potential threat that your website or even your host’s server will be targeted. We do automated security scans to protect your site from malware and other malicious attacks. You can have peace of mind knowing your site is secure.

Performance Enhancements

If your site is running slow for visitors, it increases the likelihood that people will leave your site before it even loads completely. This high “bounce rate” will result in Google lowering your site on search engine result pages, lowering the amount of overall visitors your site will receive. We will look into what is making it slow and will correct it so that you have an efficient and speedy website.

Help Videos

Have something you’d like to fix on the your website yourself, but aren’t sure how? Or perhaps you’d like to know the basics of creating a blog post? We can provide you with a video that you can watch that will instruct you on what to do. This way, you can bookmark the video, go back to it and watch it as many times as you may need whenever you wish.

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